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It is COMPULSORY that everyone attending a Studio Nine or Maria France School of Dance class must wear the correct MFSD regulation uniform leotard. 

We think you will all agree that the children look so much better when all wearing the same, correct leotard.
Shown below is a list of what everyone needs to wear and bring to class each lesson. We have attached a copy of the leotard order form.
All orders must be made on the link below and payment must be in CASH ONLY and placed in a marked envelope with completed order form. If you do not see Miss Christine  please hand this to your class teacher for them to pass on.
Orders will only be placed when payment in full is made. Orders are placed in bulk so there may be a slight delay in receiving your order. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. 


MFSD pink regulation skirted leotard
Pink or white tights or ballet socks

MFSD burgundy regulation leotard
Pink or white tights or ballet socks

SENIORS (age 13 plus)
MFSD black regulation leotard
Black, white tights or black dance leggings/footless tights

Please make sure you have the correct footwear with you at all times and that these are brought into all classes at the beginning of each lesson. No one is allowed to dance in bare feet or socks as this is a health and safety issue. 
For General classes dancers should have ballet/jazz shoes and tap shoes.

how to order:

Please use the link below or click here to order Studio Nine Uniform.


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